José Luis Arrabal Sánchez
American Akitas Breeder
Breeder number 012911

Member of Spanish Club
of American Akita
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The experts and also the inexpert ones in the American Akita or Great Japanese Dog will find answers, information and commercial access in these pages, to this special and interesting breed as unknown.

We all know the saying " The Dog is the best friend of the man " and in this breed in concrete it is confirmed and even it leads to himself to a superlative term this concept.The Akita Americano, how you can see in the information that we have prepared in the web is no doubt a dog that gather all the qualities that we request to a domestic animal.

You will know how to look after them, his origins, his characteristics, and how not, you will be able to reserve a specimen that turns in a short time an important part of your family.

If you are professional or breeding you will be able to request mount besides and puppies of a few specimen that presumes to have the best blood of the world. If you are not an expert you see the kindnesses of this breed, you will already not want to have another dog.

KYODAI (Japanese term which literal translation is "brothers") is a breeding-place that is born to lead to the Akita Americano or Great Japanese Dog to the place that corresponds him inside the professional breeding.

So be welcome to this one yours web page.